World The government is ready to alleviate the health protocol...

The government is ready to alleviate the health protocol in business…


8h01 : Norway remains stubbornly calfeutrée, in a Europe déconfinée

Being able to master very early in the epidemic, the nordic kingdom has turned a deaf ear to calls to remove or, at least, ease its restrictions on travel, which make it probably the country with the most closed in Europe today.

The entry on the territory is still closed to most non-residents and, if they are not formally banned, the trips abroad are subject to mandatory quarantine of ten days at the return, a rule crippling expected to last until 20 August.

In this country, the epidemic has been 248 deaths of 5.4 million people. A sign that the people are angry within a population, traditionally on horseback on the rules, 5.4% of the Norwegians are, according to a survey, ignore the official recommendations this summer and set a course to a destination not recommended.


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