News The 'Gala Cadiz-Jerez' brings together the dance, Mercedes Ruiz,...

The ‘Gala Cadiz-Jerez’ brings together the dance, Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero and Maria Moreno | Radio Jerez


Cádiz and Jerez, two in nearby regions, but different in their expression of flamenco, the show this Saturday, 29th day of February in the Villamarta Theatre, the main stage of the XXIV Festival de Jerez. This will be done through the dance of the jerez Mercedes Ruiz and the cadiz Eduardo Guerrero and Maria Moreno, together in a Gala with The Chana as a guest artist and one whose art direction is assumed by Manuel Liñán.

On the other hand, the cycle of ‘The Party’ will address the festive character of flamenco in The Cloisters of Santo Domingo through five shows in its first day. A ‘marathon’ which starts at noon and ends at midnight. This unique proposal, one of the novelties of this edition of the show, it will show the bar of the District of Santiago, the dance of Saray García, the touch of jerez de los Jero or the dance of several generations in the ‘Cradle of art’.

After sharing the stage in the Flamenco Festival of London, Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero and Maria Moreno repeated the experience at the Festival de Jerez. There are three dancers who bring their own stamp on everything they do.

The jerez Mercedes Ruiz is a reference within your generation to revaluate the tradition of flamenco dance. Eduardo Guerrero stands out for his refined technique, his knowledge of flamenco and a charisma captivating. Mary Moreno, as Eduardo Guerrero, has been linked to the company of Eva Yerbabuena for years before starting her solo career. In this ‘Gala Cadiz-Jerez’ flamenco dancer pays homage to the traditional style of his city, adding their own stamp of expressiveness, originality, and passion.

They are joined by The Chana as a guest artist. It is the peculiar ‘icing’ of a trio of dancers, as the veteran dancer Catalan is removed generationally from their dance partners, as well as its geographical territory.

Withdrawal of the scenarios for the first time in 1971 and finally in 1991, the figure of Antonia Santiago Amador ‘The Tub’ has gained recently a prominence through a documentary that showcased the various vicissitudes of life.

Cast artistic

The dance you will have the support of the cante de Felipa del Moreno, Ismael de la Rosa ‘The Ball’ and Miguel Rosendo; the guitar of Santiago Lara and Javier Ibáñez and percussion, Paco Vega, in addition to the collaboration of Diego Amador.

The ‘Gala Cadiz-Jerez’ will start for the romance, alboreá and jaleos with all the cast and artistic on the stage. Will continue with zambra for the singing of Felipa del Moreno, which is also interpreted tangos. The dance of Maria Moreno will run for joy, while Eduardo Guerrero will assume the role for tangos. Between the number one and the other, it will be his turn to Mercedes Ruiz by tonás that, later, will address soleá. The Chana will appear in the end of this mounting by soleá por bulerías, with the special collaboration of Diego Amador to sing.

“They are moments to remember for a lifetime,” said Eduardo Guerrero on this ‘Gala Cadiz-Jerez’. He stressed the admiration that exists between the artists for the work of the other and put in value the importance of “sharing the stage, continue to grow, and to see that we continue living and giving war”. The ultimate goal of this show is “let’s all enjoy as all the days of this Festival”, he added.

“We enjoyed it, we are nourished. There are a lot of positive energy in this cast and artistic,” said Mercedes Ruiz. To Mary Moreno, “there is nothing more beautiful than sharing what you like”. The Chana pointed out that the dance that interpreted in this Gala, “will be spontaneous” and called for manifest shamelessly admiration for those artists who “see that they do it well”.

On the other hand, the cycle of ‘The Party’ takes the stage of The Cloisters of Santo Domingo for several generations to dance, sing and touch to express their peculiar way of addressing the palos festeros of flamenco with the particular rhythmic tapping of his land. Of the five existing proposals, four are rooted in the peculiar way of interpretation of Jerez. So it has come to express Luis de Perikin, musical director of ‘Jerez, the bulería experience at the bar of the district of Santiago’. “In this cycle Jerez is represented in all disciplines.” And also on generations, since the young Fanía Zarzana shares the singing with Aunt Juana la del Pipa and la Tía Yoya -close to 80 years old – raises her dance with other dancers more young people like Juan Valencia Jr.

In any case, Luis Perikín called this ‘Jerez, the bulería experience at the bar of the district of Santiago’ that will open the cycle-to-noon will be “a party more than a show”.

Very flamenco

With a greater prominence of their dance will then Saray García with ‘The feel of a village’. A show “very flamenco” and will display “my experiences, my relationship with the world of flamenco from a small”. Tamara Tañé, Carmen Grilo and José Méndez will be in the song, besides the guitar of Juan Manuel Moneo and the percussion of Carlos Merino.

“The guitar in jerez of the Jero”, in the words of Manuel Jero, will ring in the early hours of the afternoon. There will be solos on this instrument -in charge of Manuel and his cousin Nono Jero-, but also demonstrate their skill in accompanying the cante of Juan Villar and Anabel Valencia.

Of a slightly different cut, although without detracting from the aim of showing to the public an authentic flamenco party, you can be a wide cast art that you have in the dance of Manuela Ríos, Paco Vega, Pepe Torres and The Andorran of Morón, in addition to Antonio Ruiz ‘The Carpenter’, Joseph Lleida and Mary Vizárraga the cante and José de Pura and Ruben Lara on guitar.

‘Flamenco party’ is the title of a performance-a show in which a group of officers, led by The Andorran Moron, to try to bring the public closer to an authentic flamenco party.

“We are going to represent the party based on the concept of rhythm,” reported Pepe del Morao, who runs the ‘Cradle of art’, the mount may be seen already at midnight. “The pace is going to be the main protagonist”. In his opinion, “Sherry has a rhythmic tapping, and a compass that makes us different.” The Morao added that this ‘Cradle of art’ will be “a show well balanced between the avant garde and orthodoxy”.


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