News The future of the children of jihadists in debate

The future of the children of jihadists in debate


They lived in camps of kurds in detention in the north-east of Syria. Orphaned or with their mothers. Ten children of jihadists French have been repatriated Monday morning in France by the ministry of foreign Affairs and entrusted to social services, because they were deemed to have particularly vulnerable. A huge relief for lawyer Mary Assayed, which represents a part of the families of these children. But relief tinged of despairbecause 250 children still remain exposed to the worst. Each child who comes back is a life savedbelieves the collective Families united, which brings together loved ones.

“Pebbles and mud “

Among the returnee children, some of them are orphans. And he remains in the camp at Al-Hol that we are no longer able to locate, reports the advocate. The others have been repatriated because their mothers have agreed to let them go, not supporting more than see them in pain, without education. The camp at Al-Hol : “Pebbles and mud, sums up the lawyer. Least 20 °C in winter, 40° in the summer. No toy for children. And 300 died there in 2019. “

With the collective Families united, Mary Dosed been pleading for years for the French State to return all of the children and their mothers. Because all of them are in situation of vulnerability. It is a humanitarian imperative, as much as safe, think of the lawyer. Because that is going to think these children of France, who will have left their mothers to die in a camp ? History of France will be a boomerang for all of us. At least, when all the world is to be repatriated, the mother in prison, the child can go to see regularly in the parlor, the shake in his arms. He knows that she is safe, that life continues. The advocate also notes that women of the jihadists (thirteen according to the Center for analysis of terrorism) escaped the camps where they were held. That Hayat Boumedienne, the partner of one of the perpetrators of the attacks of January 2015 in Paris.

The best interest of the child

Conversely, “snatch in a camp of the children to their mothers, and sometimes to a part of their siblings, is not in the best interest of the child, continues Me Dosed. It is add trauma to trauma. It has happened many times that women say to me : “I’m ready to let go of my child to be repatriated to France “. And at the time of the separation, when the French delegation or kurdish arrives to take the child, it is such a tear, that women ravisent. It is a tough choice. It is impossible, it is too hard. “

The topic is sensitive in France, with the trauma of islamist attacks. And the government, which has repatriated twenty-eight children since march, 2019, rest on a logic of case-by-case basis, in spite of the advice of international bodies and NGOS. In January, the UN has called for the repatriation of the children of jihadi foreigners into Syria, as well as the people who care for them . In September 2019, the national consultative Commission of human rights had issued a notice on the same line. Each time, the arguments are similar : living conditions in the camps are particularly degraded and endanger the health and lives of these children.

But the French authorities wish that the adults suspected of belonging to the islamic State to be tried on the spot, in Syria or in Iraq. These women will never be found, neither in Iraq nor in Kurdistan of syria does not exist as a Stateretorted the lawyer. The authorities kurds, who say they hold 4 000 women and 8 000 children of foreign nationals, calling themselves the concerned countries to repatriate their nationals.



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