The future of Mazda in Europe officially: Big SUV, six-cylinder and Wankel!

Japanese carmakers don’t have it easy on the old continent. At least Mazda does not intend to say goodbye to its operations in Europe, as it is preparing a number of new products.

Mazda’s management has confirmed that it will introduce two new large models to the European market over the next two years CX-60 a CX-80. As the label suggests, these will be SUVs and at least one of them will receive a third row of seats to carry up to seven passengers.

At the same time, Mazda reveals that with these models, its plug-in hybrids combining an electric motor with a four-cylinder petrol engine will come to Europe for the first time. In addition to the socket version, the new-generation Skyactiv-X six-cylinder petrol engine and the Skyactiv-D diesel will also be introduced. In both cases there is 48V mild-hybrids.

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The first half of 2022 will bring a new version of the first mass-produced electric car of the Japanese brand. Mazda MX-30 will see the Wankel rotary engine, which will serve as an electricity generator. We have written countless times about a possible comeback of this technology, but only now have the Japanese officially confirmed this report.

In about four years, Mazda is to introduce a range of models on a platform designed for electric cars. It will be another step towards the complete electrification of the model portfolio, which is planned for 2030 at the latest. markets.


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