The French president has a new car. It is a custom-built armored SUV with 300 horses

French President Emmanuel Macron will ride in a specially modified DS 7 Crossback Elysée. The Presidential Special has an extended armored body and a hybrid drive.

The highest representatives of selected countries tend to have tailor-made cars. US President Joe Biden rides in “Beast”, a limousine built traditionally by Cadillac, Russian President Vladimir Putin turned Aurus Senate and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hongqi L5. French President Emmanuel Macron is now joining such a club. He will now use the services of the specially built DS 7 Crossback Elysée, which made its premiere at commemorative events on the occasion of the anniversary of the end of the First World War.

As the name implies, the basis of the vehicle for the head of France is the SUV of the French premium brand Stellantis. But the nickname Elysée in this case does not only mean holders for presidential standards or a luxurious body.

The DS 7 Crossback Elysée differs from the production car in its extended body, which is also armored for the President’s safety. The SUV thus stretched 20 centimeters behind the center pillars of the body, creating more space for rear passengers. Specifically, the legroom increased to 54.5 cm.

In addition, for comfort, the rear bench has been replaced by two comfortable separate seats separated by an armrest. There are also wireless and USB chargers and an open central document holder, thanks to which the car can also be used as an office on wheels.

Luxury design is a matter of course. Black leather in the shade Basalte is decorated with the Bracelet watch band motif, which is typical of the DS brand. The ceiling is in turn covered with suede alcantara.

Thanks to the stretch of the body, the total length of the car reaches 479 cm, the wheelbase is 294 cm. On the contrary, the width and height remained the same as in the production car, being 191 cm and 162 cm, respectively. The DS 7 Crossback Elysée also differs from standard variants with blue-red flashing lights on the bow, removable flag holders, “RF” (French Republic) emblems on the front doors and tricolors on the front and luggage compartment. The Blue Encre inkjet car also has specific 20-inch wheels and an antenna for a special presidential telecommunications system.

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A plug-in hybrid system with an output of 300 hp (220 kW) and all-wheel drive works in the bowels. Although the carmaker does not specify it, it can be assumed that it is a combination of sixteen gasoline with two electric motors, known from a production car.

At the same time, DS cars are nothing new in the service of the French president. Emmanuel Macron was already driving the DS 7 Crossback at his inauguration in 2017, even before the official start of its sale. The specialty of the then special was the canvas roof. Macron’s predecessor François Hollande drove the DS 5 again. As early as the 1960s, Charles de Gaulle used the famous Citroen DS, which gave the DS brand its name.


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