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The Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid to the continuation of the electrification


After the Puma, the Fiesta, the Kuga and the utilities Tourneo and Transit, here the Focus electric. This Ford incorporates a mild hybrid to 48 V. note the appearance of a dashboard 100 % digital, more restful to the eyes.

But how far will Ford in its strategy of electrification ? The program provides 18 models electrified by the end of 2021, not to mention two electric vehicles based on the platform of SEM of Volkswagen.

In the meantime, Ford applies his method, which aims to electrify its entire range is currently offered in motor gasoline and diesel. After the Puma, Fiesta, Kuga and utilities Tourneo and Transit, it is the turn of the Focus to see graft a hybrid light, or mHEV, at 48 V.

Like the Puma and Fiesta, the EcoBoost engine Hybrid 1.0 l 125 and 155 hp (CO2 emissions of 115 g/km (WLTP 2) coupled to an alternator-starter of 11.5 kW and a battery of 48 V positioned under the front passenger seat in order not to lose space.

The charging is carried out during the phases of deceleration and braking. The system provides power assistance during acceleration without impact on the fuel consumption (from 5.1 l/100 km WLTP).

The presence of the alternator-starter also take advantage of the Auto Stop & Start (also known as the Start & Go for other manufacturers) that cuts the engine when it is stopped (traffic lights, control panel stop, or in traffic jams). This helps to save fuel. Aboard the Focus, the Auto Stop & Start function is active also when one is in free wheel, “even if the clutch pedal is pressed”. The system is active from 15, 20 or 25 km/h.

A combined digital instrument for the comfort of the eyes

As surprising as it may seem, the Focus is offered for the first time a dashboard 100 % digital 12.3-inch (diagonal 31,24 cm). This LCD is based on the technology true color to 24-bit, capable of “generate images, and icons for detailed, high-definition, more light, less tiring to the eyes and easier to read”.

This instrument, which is fully customizable with the prioritization of information, is coupled to a system head high (head display in English). Although no information is available about it, one can easily imagine that the directions simplified, the instantaneous speed and the speed limit will be displayed.

As the whole of the Ford range, the Focus is no exception, offering a high-tech environment, including the infotainment system home Sync 3. Proposed standard, the modem 4G FordPass Connect transforms the city into a Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 10 devices connected) and charging by induction. Note the Local function Hazard Warning, which notifies the driver that a dangerous situation is in progress on the road.

Among the many driving aids (ADAS), the Focus offers the adaptive cruise control (ACC+), the recognition of road speed, keeping the centre of the track, the parking aid Park Assist 2 where the driver does not have to manage the clutch, the accelerator and the brake. Only effort to produce, press the button that initiates the maneuver.

The Ford Focus EcoBoost Hybrid is available for order. Version 125 hp mHEV is introduced on the second level of finish Trend Business, from 24 800 €, compared to 27 900 € for the version 155-hp, finish ST Line, third level. This engine comes in petrol and diesel versions and.


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