The following are the efforts of parents to prepare for PTM in the midst of the Mysterious Hepatitis Phenomenon Reporter Aisyah Nursyamsi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – There are several efforts that can be done by parents on children who will face-to-face learning (PTM).

Especially in the middle of the case acute hepatitis the cause of which is not clear.

Of course, prevention efforts remain the main tips. Apart from that, regardless of the type of infectious disease, personal and environmental hygiene are the main and very important things.

First, it’s not just about hand washing, food and drink. But also air problems in the form of ventilation and circulation.

Second, remind not to touch the surface of objects outside the house. Or it could be ground level at home. This is very important, because children often play on it.

“This means that the cleanliness of the house, the place of activity and the school is the main thing to clean,” he said Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman on Tribunnews, Sunday (15/5/2022).

Third, apart from prevention efforts, make sure that children go to school to be literate and wear masks. Then the habit of washing hands after touching things.

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Fourth, including bringing supplies from home is very good to minimize exposure. Because the sharing of unclean food consumption can be a potential.

“And of course this must also be accompanied by the same efforts with the environment the children are in. Not only at home. But also at school and where they play,” he said.

Dicky also said that PTM could be done by strengthening progress while observing and observing developments due to the dynamic situation.

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