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The five charges against Trump the more explosive of the book of John Bolton


The former national Security adviser, John Bolton, and Donald Trump, during a meeting at the White House, August 16, 2018. — Andrew Harnik/AP/SIPA

Even before its release, it is already at the head of the sales on Amazon. While the administration Trump tent emergency to block its release – scheduled for 23 June by the justicethe good leaves the book of his ex-national Security adviserJohn Bolton, were published Wednesday in the New York Timesthe Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. In The Room Where It Happened, A White House Memoir (The room where it happened), the falcon moustached provides a portrait of devastating an american president who would be cashed-out the foreign policy of the United States to serve his personal interests and his re-election.

Bolton believes that the democrats have been “obsessed” by the case of Ukrainian. According to him, if they had taken into account more widely its foreign policy in the procedure of impeachmentthe outcome ” could have been much different.” Still, he had refused to testify in the House of representatives, preferring, according to his critics – to protect a contract of several million dollars for his memoirs. Here are the five salient passages.

Trump would have asked for help with the chinese president on his re-election

The ex-adviser said that on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Osaka, Donald Trump had “hijacked” the conversation with the chinese president Xi Jinping “to the next presidential election” by arguing from Xi ” to ensure that it prevails “. During the meeting in June 2019, the us president “stressed the importance of farmers and the increase in purchases of chinese soybeans, and wheat on the outcome of the election” in the american States rural.

  • Donald Tump would have offered “favours” for autocrats

John Bolton is worried, with the minister of Justice Bill Barr, ” the will of the Trump of rendering services to autocrats “, in which the Turkish president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan would have asked her help for a company in the crosshairs of the us judicial authorities. Trump replied that he could do nothing in the immediate future because the prosecutor in Manhattan had been appointed by Barack Obama, but it would solve the problem later. The american president then chose a new attorney, Geoffrey Berman, who eventually charged the Turkish bank Halkbank, despite pressure from the ministry of Justice, says CNN. Bolton also accused the u.s. president to have lifted the sanctions against the group of telecom chinese ZTE as currency to negotiate a trade agreement with Beijing.

  • Trump would have given his blessing to “concentration camps” in China

While influential republican senators denounce tirelessly the China, John Bolton writes that, always in Osaka in 2019 : “only in the presence of the interpreters, Xi had explained to Trump why, by and large, he constructed concentration camps in Xinjiang. According to our interpreter, Trump said that Xi should continue to build these camps, which Trump thought it was exactly the right thing to do “.

  • The u.s. president would be (very) ignorant

The memoirs of John Bolton are sometimes an echo of the chronicles of Michael Wolfe in The Fire and the Fury. Bolton, describes a u.s. president who would have asked Theresa May if the United Kingdom was a nuclear power, and his chief of staff, John Kelly, if Finland was part of Russia. According to Bolton, be briefing the us president on the geopolitical do nothing because Trump ” spends most of his time talking instead of listening “.

  • His advisers were making fun of him behind his back

Administration officials Trump fluctuated, after the ex-advisor, between deep concern and teasing. In a word, slipped to John Bolton at the historic summit between Donald Trump and the north Korean leader Kim Jong-un in 2018, the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo would have thus written : “It does not tell us what a load of crap” (he is so full of shit “).

Pompeo would have subsequently indicated that the negotiations of Trump with Kim Jong-un had ” no chance “. The american president would have then asked his secretary of State to give as a gift to Kim Jong-un CD Rocket Man autographed by Elton John – in reference to the nickname that Donald Trump had given the north Korean leader during the nuclear tensions. But Kim Jong-un had snubbed Pompeo during his trip, preferring to go inspect a field of potatoes. According to Bolton, ” give the CD to Kim remained a priority (Trump) for several months “.



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