Health The first treatment against alcoholism finally launched !

The first treatment against alcoholism finally launched !


It is a small victory for the medical community. Indeed, there is now a cure for thealcoholism. It is today legal prescribing Baclocur to treat the disease.

the baclocur is used in the treatment of the alcollisme

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A revolution in the treatment of alcoholism

Since this Monday, June 15, he is licensed to prescribe Blacocur in order to treat addiction to alcohol. This is a real victory for the 3 million French subject to this dependency. Originally, this was the molecule of baclofen was used in the treatment of muscle spasms for people with multiple sclerosis, for example. But some doctors are unaware of its effectiveness in the case of alcoholic patients. They are made in prescribe in order to treat the disease, but illegal.

This decision comes after many years of controversy. In fact, he was not allowed to prescribe the Baclocur to alcoholic patients, and this, even if its effectiveness had been proven. In 2014 however, the molecule has been authorized so temporary. But this was not enough for the patients who had to buy in quantity.

A medication reimbursed

Today patients undergoing the prescription of Baclocur may be reimbursed. This represents a significant advance in the treatment of alcoholism. However, this treatment does would be to take only as a last resort, according to some professionals. “Ce treatment should be considered only after failure or impossibility of the use of other drug treatments available, in adult patients with alcohol dependence and alcohol consumption high-risk “ states the MAN. In fact, many physicians remain on the reserve for the prescription of Baclocur. We do not yet know the risk that its regular intake represent.

However, it is important to state that it is not a miracle cure. In fact, the treatment may not have the same effect on all patients. So if, for some, the Baclocur has been THE miracle solution to treat their alcoholism, others may not have the expected results.

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Source: Le Parisien

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Posted by Elodie on June 17, 2020


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