The first NFT restaurant will open in New York

If you don’t understand much about NFTs, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. By the way, here is an article who can help you see more clearly. Now that the concept of “non-fungible token”, which guarantees you ownership of a digital object (an image, a work, a purchase in a video game, etc.), know that the world’s first NFT restaurant will open its doors, in 2023, in New York. The founders of the restaurant explain:

“Flyfish Club will be the world’s first private dining club whose access can be purchased on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT) and reserved for the holder of said token, who will be able to access our restaurant and various culinary dishes. , cultural and social experiences.

The restaurant, which will offer iodized cuisine focused on seafood, will take up residence in “an iconic place in New York, with a space for cocktails, a gourmet restaurant room, and another section, type omakase. For the time being, no price has been communicated, but the figures announced by GrubStreet suggest at prices around 10,000 euros. To see if a trip, or even several, to the starred restaurant of your dreams is not worth more. It’s up to you.

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