The first image of Luis Brandoni on his return to the theater after his decompensation

Luis Brandoni was discharged and has already returned to the theater

Last Tuesday, Louis Brandoni It worried everyone when it emerged that Was admitted emergency room at the Mar del Plata Community Private Hospital, after raising more than 39 degrees of fever. The 81-year-old actor, who is in the seaside resort doing theatrical season, had received the reinforcement of the coronavirus vaccine and, the next day, decided to suspend the performance of the work the accompaniment at the Bristol Theater due to a “physical ailment”.

“Beto took the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, which caused him discomfort today. This fact was also repeated when it was inoculated with the second dose,” he said. Charles Rottenberg in dialogue with Teleshow. “He had a temperature and a moment of confusion that led to him being transferred to the hospital where several tests were carried out. They will continue this Wednesday morning and for now we have to wait for the results to see how healthy he is, “added the businessman. “Of his own free will, he asked to be allowed to go to the hotel tonight and come back very early tomorrow around 8 to continue with the corresponding studies,” full.

The truth is that finally this Wednesday, received medical discharge after check-ups and studies. Hearing that many people were worried, Brandoni decided to call Juan Etchegoyen to make an important clarification. In Twitter, the journalist reproduced the dialogue he had with the artist: “They have spread things that are not true. I looked a bit lost and disoriented. I had a bad reaction to the vaccine. I was hospitalized because there was a risk of a stroke. I just got discharged”.

Meanwhile, that same day the actor resumed the functions of his show, and from the Multiteatro social networks they released the first image of the actor after his health problem. “Now. Luis Brandoni, David Di Nápoli and Carlos Rottemberg celebrate tonight’s return to the theater in Mar del Plata, after a very special performance”, they wrote alongside a photo of the three men dining at a restaurant. Among the comments received by the postcard, the one from Sandra Mihanovich, who was happy to see his friend in good condition: “Congratulations!” he expressed in Twitter.

Luis Brandoni celebrated his return to the theater with a dinner with David Di Nápoli and Carlos Rottemberg
Luis Brandoni celebrated his return to the theater with a dinner with David Di Nápoli and Carlos Rottemberg

In the plot of the play, Luis and Di Napoli play two lifelong friends. The story tells the life of Tuco, who works in a metallurgical factory, and Sebastián, who has a cigarette and candy kiosk. After a joke played on Tuco by a factory colleague (Mingo), he decides to quit his job to dedicate himself to singing. To do this, he locks himself in the attic of his house, armed with a knife and completely isolated from his family, waiting for the musical accompaniment that Mingo “promised” to send him to rehearse and thus succeed on television.

This was not the first time that concern was raised for the health of the beloved artist. In February of last year, he had decided to enter the Anchorena Sanatorium in Recoleta to undergo tests after suffering symptoms of fatigue and physical exhaustion. As a precaution, doctors did a swab that tested positive for coronavirus. “I lost the undefeated. I had no symptoms. I thought I was going to finish undefeated and it turned out not. Nothing serious. I’m hospitalized right now. I reckon I’ll be home tomorrow.” said the renowned actor at the time.


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