Technology The first computer game for the treatment of ADHD...

The first computer game for the treatment of ADHD approved in USA


To improve cognitive skills through the use of digital therapy in children.

Washington. In the US, a computer game for the treatment for the first time the attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children admitted. The Game “EndeavorRx” can be purchased on prescription for children between eight and twelve years of age, in which ADHD has been diagnosed, reported to the FDA on Monday.

“EndeavorRx” to improve cognitive ability and could complement other ADHD therapies and the use of drugs. The game will offer “a non-drug Option for the improvement of symptoms associated with ADHD in children,” said Jeffrey Shuren, head of Department of the FDA. It is an example of the growing field of digital therapies. They are approved for certain treatments, such as addictive disorders and are currently being tested for a number of other diseases.

“EndeavorRx” allows children to control the cartoon characters while they are on a kind of floating Board. “We are proud to write today with the decision of the FDA history,” said Eddie Martucci, the head of the Start-ups Akili developed the game.

The admission of “EndeavorRx” was made after studies with about 600 children in whom ADHD was diagnosed. According to the company, the Tests showed that one-third of the children showed after four weeks of treatment in at least one area of no measurable attention deficit more. About half of the parents have noticed after a month of a significant change in the daily disturbances of their child.


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