The first balance of the mayor Josef Willi

He doesn’t believe in long community meetings: the new mayor, Josef Willi, takes stock

Josef Willi has been mayor of Dürrenäsch for seven months now. Time to look back for the first time. He explains why he was hoping that credit for the merger investigation with Seon and Hallwil would be approved and that he sees his role more as a representative.

Mayor Josef Willi in front of the construction site of the multi-purpose hall in Dürrenäsch.

Valentin Hehli

About seven months ago, Josef Willi moved into the mayor’s office on the first floor of the Dürrenäsch community center. A vertical start for the 54-year-old, who was elected to the municipal council and also as mayor for the SVP in mid-June with the second-best result. Since taking office, Willi, who has his own company for the interior design of acoustic ceilings, has been concerned with the needs of the community and its residents. “It’s a good 20 percent workload, sometimes more like 30 percent,” he says. He expected that before he was elected. “Thanks to my independence, I can organize my week well.”

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