The father of a two-year-old girl fell into a coma after seeing a lion bite off her hand

Doctors amputated the girl’s arm above the elbow after she was bitten by a lion from the zoo. This happened during a photo shoot.

At a zoo in Yemen, a lion bit off the hand of a two-year-old girl. It happened while taking a photo near a cage with an animal, writes Gulf News.

The girl put her hand through the grating of the aviary, and the predator bit off the limb. The father, who was photographing his daughter at that moment, lost consciousness after what he saw and fell into a coma. Both of them were hospitalized.

Later, human rights activists found the father and the zoo administration guilty of the tragedy. In particular, for the fact that the administration neglects the rules of behavior of children, who very often come close to the cages with predators.

Recall earlier in Mexico City, the lion escaped the ranch and bit a man.

In South Africa, a lion killed an antelope right on the road

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