“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Kamila is pushing for glass? He reveals if he sees a place for himself in show business

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Kamila Boś is a participant in the eighth edition of the popular show TVPThe farmer is looking for a wife“. Though she did not find it mi³o¶ci in the program, maybe she discovered a way to appear in the Polish show business. I must admit that the farmer knows how to use her five minutes. She appeared in “Asking for Breakfast“, where she gave a tour of the mushroom farm she runs. Together with other participants of the eighth edition, she also appeared in special Christmas episodes”What’s the melody” i “familiar“.

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What are Marta and Paweł arguing about from “The farmer is looking for a wife”?

Kamila Boś from “The farmer is looking for a wife” appears in subsequent programs. Will it come to show business permanently?

The farmer aroused a lot of emotions in the program. She was noticed immediately beautybut was later criticized for the way she treated her candidates. She invited Tomasz, Jan and Adam to the farm. She tried to build a deeper relationship with the latter, but unfortunately they failed. Kamila decided that the participant does not have what he is looking for in men. Since then, she has not created any new relationship.

The farmer has become very active on Instagram, where she publishes truly Hollywood staff from your life. It is watched by over 154,000 people who are very interested in the further fate of the participant of the popular program. Kamila often organizes popular Q&A and is happy to answer questions. One of the female fans asked if the farmer saw a place for herself in Polish show business.

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Do you think about your future career in TV or don’t you have the proverbial pressure on glass? – is the question.

Kamila replied:

I’m not at all excited about my person being on TV. So I don’t feel the pressure on the glass, but now I accept some interviews sometimes. This is not due to the pressure on the glass, but because it is a break from everyday life for me, something new that makes me feel good.

Would you like to watch Kamila more often on the small screen?

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