News The fake leaflet from the Ministry of the Interior...

The fake leaflet from the Ministry of the Interior asking you to leave your home


A fake leaflet written on headed paper of the “Ministry of the Interior-Department of Public Security”, with the logo of the Italian Republic, has spread in many Italian provinces. The false leaflet, which in some cities has been found posted in the halls of the buildings and on the walls of the neighborhoods, invites any non-residents of the buildings to leave the houses that host them, to return to their home where the residence is in progress. control activities of the authorities. It also includes the obligation to present, on request, the rental documentation of the house and your documents with photos.

The police call on “to be careful. It could be the clever move of some attacker to enter the houses in this emergency period for covid-19. Anyone who comes across such flyers is asked to report their presence to the police and do not follow the indications contained in them “.

“An attempt to scam”

Naples was among the first areas where the flyer had made its appearance, being immediately spread on social networks, especially on Facebook. The police headquarters in Naples as a precaution in a note stressed that “this is an attempt to defraud, since no such document has been prepared. Remember not to open the door to unknown people”. If in doubt, please contact the law enforcement numbers immediately.



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