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The ex-wife admitted that she beat Johnny Depp and threw pans at him


Few years ago johnny Depp parted with a noise with his wife, actress Amber Heard. She showed reporters bruises during the last, especially violent quarrel, when Depp allegedly threw her mobile phone.

Then, in May 2016, Amber came to court accompanied by a lawyer to file an application for “repeated beatings” by her husband. “Throughout the relationship,” he allegedly insulted her and used force. “I endured a series of inhuman emotional, verbal and physical bullying by Johnny. Every time I disagreed with him or questioned his leadership in the family, attacks followed – furious, aggressive, humiliating me, threatening me.”

She also recalled the actor’s addiction to alcohol and drugs, his temper: “He is often prone to paranoid suspicion, and in a state of rage is very scary.” All this had a very bad effect on Depp’s career. They began to treat him like a monster. They say that it was because of the hype that he was no longer called to play captain Jack Sparrow, and had not yet been invited to the third part of the film “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live.”

And then, in 2016, the story did not end there. At the end of 2018, the restless Hurd wrote a column in the Washington Post about domestic violence. She did not name Depp there by name, but said that she had become a “public embodiment of stories of domestic violence” and the anger that is commontvabout experiences against those who hit women. Then Depp could not stand it and sued her for libel, demanding $ 50 million. He claimed: “Miss Hurd did not suffer from domestic violence, she carried it out. She beat and kicked me, often and regularly throwing objects into my body and head (sic!), Including heavy bottles, soda cans, burning candles, TV remote controls, causing significant bodily harm to me. ”

In response, Hurd rolled up 300 pages of a counterclaim, where she talked about the scars and bruises that appeared during her married life. But now at the disposal of Daily Mail reporters are audio recordings dated 2015. Depp and Hurd were still married and tried to save him. They went through a “therapy session,” which was recorded on Hurd’s mobile phone. They tried to say aloud all the claims to each other after a particularly heated quarrel. And yes: on the record, Amber unexpectedly admits that she herself beat her husband. “I regret that I did not give you a slap in the face, but I beat you, well, I didn’t beat you … (there is a subtle difference between the English verbs to hit and to punch, which are translated into Russian with the same“ beat ”,“ hit ” “Roughly speaking, to punch means hitting harder. – Ed.) I don’t know how I actually moved my hand, but you’re fine, I didn’t hurt you, I didn’t hit you hard.”

Depp, judging by the record, was frightened at that moment in earnest: “I left [из дома] last night … I could not come to terms with the idea that there would be more physical mockery of each other (“I just couldn’t take the idea of ​​more physicality, more physical abuse on each other”). If we continued, everything would be completely bad. Baby, I already told you that. I was scared to death, it seemed to me that we are now at the crime scene. “

Well and so on. It turns out Hurd chuckled at Depp that he was “running away” from her when she was angry. Depp, however, says that he left home because his wife became “crazy and vicious”: “I didn’t throw pots and other garbage!” And Hurd admits that she did so: “That I threw pots and pans, it doesn’t mean that you cannot come and knock on my door … ”Then it turns out that she also threw flower pots (which again does not cancel the opportunity to“ come and knock on her door ”).

“I can’t promise you that everything will be perfect next,” says Hurd. “I cannot promise that I will not use force again. Lord, sometimes I get so mad that I lose [способность себя сдерживать]”. And Depp answered her: “I love you and want you to be my wife. And I want to be your husband. I want to be a good husband. And if I wasn’t, I’ll do everything to learn to be one. ”

Bloggers who have carefully studied the audio recordings and their transcripts now require justice for Johnny Depp. A special hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp has appeared. For example, a certain Leila Alava tweeted: “I was already sick when I listened to this, read the testimonies and understood: they did not believe the person who was being bullied. If you take a closer look, you will understand that he did everything that a victim of violence should do – but that was not enough. ”

And the Russian woman Alesya Kirsanova writes on Facebook: “On the one hand, it all seems unbelievable, some kind of beggar beat Jack Sparrow himself, but on the other, such a phenomenon as a woman aggressor is not fiction. And to be honest, if you imagine that everything was so, I don’t know how in this situation a peasant should remain a peasant. To admit that your wife beat you when you were johnny Depp is perhaps even worse than being an abuser in the public eye. “I listened carefully to numerous audio recordings, just in case I read transcriptions of their conversations, and I have to admit that, most likely, Johnny Depp will be the first male star to be publicly recognized as a victim of domestic violence.”

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