World The european Union is looking at banning Americans from...

The european Union is looking at banning Americans from entry


The european Union plans to maintain the prohibition of entry to its territory to the Americans once it has re-opened its borders to third countries, due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus still alive in the United States, indicates Tuesday, the New York Times.

The daily cites two lists of countries whose nationals would be allowed to go to Europe, and which are the subject of negotiations within the EU. Americans are for the moment excluded from the two lists, according to the New York Times who has been able to consult these lists.

Once the representatives from each country will be agreed on a final list, it will be presented, as a recommendation, before the 1st day of July, explains the journal.

The european Union is planning to reopen its external borders with third countries to that date, provided that they meet certain criteria health, that the epidemiological situation is good and that the measure should be reciprocal.

While many European countries are experiencing a respite, the United States have the worst record in the world in absolute value, with more than 120,000 people dead and more than 2.3 million cases detected.

Different american States have for many lifted the containment measures, and New York — by far the city most affected — has made a new step in that direction Monday with the reopening to the public shops are not essential. But several member States of the South and West of the country are experiencing a surge in the number of positive cases.

In march, the president, Donald Trump has announced the ban of entry in the United States – still ongoing – of travellers from 26 european countries.


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