Business 'The EU also keeps after July 1, even Americans,...

‘The EU also keeps after July 1, even Americans, because of the disruption of the corona-approach


In the European Union after July 1, visitors from the united states to fend off. That is, writes the newspaper The New York Times, and on the basis of the proposals from Brussels on the table. The US belongs to countries which, in the opinion of the EU, and the corona disease outbreak is still not sufficiently under control.

Since mid-march for non-EU citizens, including those who Americans are kept out of the European borders. Such a measure is valid to the end of the year, the EU has already indicated that a decision on the extension of the stay based on the situation in each country. In the EU, thus, likely to visitors out of Brazil and Russia are two other countries that are still heavily affected by the virus, avoid it.

Otherwise, says a source in Brussels at Reuters news agency, that there is not a complete list of countries whose citizens are not allowed to. It would be only on the criteria that the EU wants to use it. Previously, it was found that the countries covid-19 are just as much under control as the average in the EU, that the restrictive measures should be applied for, travel to, and the fact that countries, in their turn, are prepared to travelers from the EU to be let in.

The criteria will be presented tomorrow in Brussels, and presented, without it being clear whether there are decisions of older people.


For the Europeans, it applies the other way round, since the 12th of march, a re-entry ban to the united states. In addition, it announced the president’s Home on Tuesday, at the period of time that foreign workers do not have a visa for the US will be extended until the end of the year.

It’s going to get a visa in the foreign country are given out to people who, for a limited time in the united states and the like. According to Trump, he says, thus the jobs are safe for the Americans in the immediate aftermath of the coronacrisis, sources within the government say that the measure was for more than half a million people to be up for grabs.


The decision to found a great tech that is often on a large scale, foreign-hire employees on the basis of their knowledge and skills. In the scheme, it is no exception for journalists in the EU who need a visa in order to be able to work in the united states. This is radio station BNR on the basis of the sources and the confirmation by the united states embassy in The Hague, the netherlands.

Whether this means that the Dutch press in the autumn is not for US to be able to travel to a report from the Us presidential elections, it remains to be seen. A lot of them already have a visa, applied for, and received, and by European journalists, who currently reside in the U.S. are allowed into the country.

The Correspondent Marieke de Vries points out that as president He would like to be in the limelight is. “If the president, somewhere like that is, it is in the public interest. It is possible that he, the effects are not yet completely overlooked, or is this the plan, is not yet well-developed.”

If there is no exception for journalists is to be made, the Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ), the decision to challenge it. “For a pandemic, should not be abused for the freedom of the press is to be cancelled,” says the municipality of leiden, assistant secretary, Rosa Garcia, Said. The association will, as soon as possible to seek clarification from the Us embassy.


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