The eternal crises of Latin America

If it is not political, it is economic, diplomatic or social. It is tragic that having become independent in the 19th century, it still does not know how to prosper in the 21st.

The collective contagion of evils prevents him from leaving poverty behind. He rarely makes positive news abroad, he specializes in negative news; the most recent, that of the pandemic: it has 30% of the total deaths in the world, with just 8.4% of the population. In 2020, the number of poor people grew by 22 million people. With the passing of the decades, it is less important, in relation to the rest of the countries it has been decreasing. Between 1960 and 2020, Venezuela’s GDP fell from 18 to 38, Mexico’s from 11 to 15, Brazil from 13 to 17, Argentina from 12 to 29, Chile from 29 to 43, and Ecuador from 43 to 62. Contrast with Southeast Asia’s progress: South Korea improved from 38 to 10, Singapore from 54 to 35, Malaysia from 41 to 36, and Thailand from 35 to 24.

The past decade was another lost, the current one will be one more, with the precedent that Chile, a role model within the region, is contaminated. For decades there was consensus and conciliation between the parties, which achieved progress and prosperity. The people chose capable people. During his presidency, a prestigious businessman from that country referred positively to Ricardo Lagos E.; that the United States would have liked to have him as president. He was elected by the Chilean Socialist Party. He signed free trade agreements with some countries. To improve the infrastructure, it reached agreements with the private sector. Today there is a presidential candidate who wants a classless society, a hackneyed communist aspiration that is nothing new among leftists; It is more than a century old, it was born with the Russian Revolution.

The evils of Latin America are many, there is a lack of space for everyone. A serious one is the excess of matches. Governments finance their campaigns, there is no transparency; allocation must be reduced, health and education take priority. Most of those elected are incapable. In Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Legislature is going from bad to worse; the previous assembly had 2% acceptance.


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