The Eradication of Dengue Fever Mosquito Can Be Done with 3M Plus, What Are the Signs of DHF Patients?

DIY NEWS – Listen eradication mosquito dengue fever what can be done with activities 3M plus along with signsign infected person DBD. What are they?

Disease dengue fever (DBD) because of mosquito Aedes aegypti who live in the lowlands below 1000 meters above sea level. one tail mosquito can infect humans.

Quoted from the page Ministry of Health, infected person or sufferer DBD will experience sign/symptoms of a sudden high fever that lasts all day.

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On the other hand, patient DBD tend to have headaches, pain when moving the eyeballs and back pain. Some of them even have pain in the pit of the stomach, gastrointestinal bleeding, shock, and even death.

Just like the corona virus and others, DBD also have incubation period disease, ie within 3-14 days or in general 4-7 days.

Disease dengue fever It attacks the blood vessels causing a drastic decrease in the number of platelets. Even so, there are several ways that can be done to prevent DBD.

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As for prevention DBD should be done at the family or household level. If you experience symptoms of an unusual fever, then immediately contact the nearest health facility.

In general, things can be done to prevent dengue fever is through action 3M plus. What are they?


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