The egg – from superfood №1 to a surgical dressing

The standard is for protein, with a high saturation index, and in the usual case, the scarecrow with cholesterol is a myth.

Eggs are a miracle, no matter how we interpret the statement.

They are the miracle of life. Number 1 among superfoods. The perfect protein. Natural “pill” lutein and zeaxanthin for healthy eyes. Good cholesterol. In general, a product with an unexpectedly wide range of health applications – from an incubator to create a vaccine through a means of strengthening and beautifying the skin, hair, nails. But it also plays little-known roles as a glue, colorant in confectionery, fertilizer in organic farming, snail repellent in the garden, scrub for cleaning delicate dishes, jewelry oxidizer for silver and copper jewelry and probably dozens of other household applications around the world. .

However, if you are the typical average person, probably the most unusual application of eggs for you will be the use of egg membranes as a biological wound dressing.

This thin 60-70 micron membrane is a collagen-rich fibrous connective tissue with low antigenicity. It provides faster skin healing

without infections, relieves

her pain is maximal

simple to apply

A study that supports the idea was presented at the Third Asia-Pacific Burning Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The team that performed the clinical trial compared the effect of skin healing at the site of grafting for the treatment of severe burns from egg membrane dressings, respectively, and traditionally used 3 different types of medication.

Their result in patients at the University Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Taiwanese capital shows

better results than

biological dressing

with inner zipper

of hen eggs

The structure that nature has created to protect the chicken embryo consists mainly of glycoprotein without cellular components. This makes it an ideal material for donor dressing on wounds. Of course, the eggs are pre-treated against pathogens – in the reported case by gamma irradiation and other sterilization methods. They are then applied to the areas from which a layer of autograft skin has been taken for areas with severe burns, and covered with plain gauze soaked in saline. Between 1 and 6% of the total body surface area was treated.

Rounded to an integer, the average duration of

egg treatment

membrane takes 11 days,

and with routine means

– between 14 and 16 days

Patients were followed up 2 years later and it turned out that the treated areas had very good elasticity with low levels of fibrosis.

The egg membrane was first used for surgery in clinical trials in 1981. Similar studies have been performed by Chinese and Cuban surgeons in burn clinics, also with good results for healing time without infections with pain relief, as well as of medications.

Despite all these qualities, God forbid that we convince ourselves personally. It is enough to take advantage of the irreplaceable merits of the superfood in the chicken shell.

The egg provides

the ideal protein only

at 65-75 calories and

all 9 irreplaceable

amino acids,

good amounts of selenium, iron, phosphorus; vitamins A and the most important for the brain from group B. They contain only traces of carbohydrates, but are one of the most saturating foods, which makes them suitable for healthy weight loss.

What about cholesterol ?! For 80-90 percent of people there are no restrictions on eggs. Get rid of old knowledge as you throw away old clothes. On average, at the age of 5, the trends change sharply.

Eggs have a lot

cholesterol, but that

is more of an advantage

than a problem. Medicine has established in recent years 3 facts that radically change the concept of dietary cholesterol. First, it has a small role in the dangerous increase of values ​​in the body, crucial are the genes that determine the metabolism and formation of cholesterol by the body itself. Second, eggs provide large amounts of good cholesterol, which is extremely important for cell health and renewal. Third, egg yolk improves the ratio of good to bad cholesterol in the direction of shifting the lipid profile to less atherogenic – gentle on blood vessels and with a low potential for plaque formation, wall hardening and thrombus formation.


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