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EA has released the first gameplayeelden of Star Wars: the Squadrons are shown, and more information about the different modes that the game offers. Players will be able to offer eight different starfighters authorities, which have different properties.

The images in this video have been made in the Frostbite engine, but that is not all of the shots will consist of game play. The movie begins with the information about the single player campaign. Players take on the roles of the two pilots: a Case Kassandora of the Empire, and had been Highmoon of the New Republic. EA is promising a story of increasing difficulty of the missions. The gameplay takes place from the cockpitview. As far as is known, it is not possible to set the position of the camera to change it.

Star Wars: Squadrons, eight different starfighters. The multiplayer mode allows players of both factions out of the four vehicles to choose from. Can be divided into the categories of Fighter, Intercepter, technical Support, and a Bomber. The Galactic Empire, the Tie Fighter, The Interceptor, and The Reaper, and Tie Bomber to be present. In addition, the X-Wing, A-Wing, U-Wing, Y-Wing, the New Republic, will be available. Every starfighter has stats for power, speed, and strength.

There are two multiplayer modes: in the Dogfight Mode, two teams of five players against each other in a death match. In addition, also accessories, such as turrets, tractor beam and mine is to use. For Fleet Battles, and that is the main multiplayer mode of the game. That’s all about fighting, in a multi-stage process. In the first round of dogfights, in the second round, the teams have to each other Captial Ships to attack, and the third round is about to destroy the flagship of the opposing team. Also in Fleet Battles, it is a 5vs5 mode, it is also possible to use this against the ai opponents to play with.

The players in the multiplayer mode, their character, and the starfighter customization. The necessary items and components to be free-to-play to play the game. It is also possible to change the load-out of the starfighters, to adapt to the tactical choices to make.

EA has revealed the gameplaybeelden during the EA to Play the market. Star Wars Squadrons it was at the beginning of this week it was announced with a cinematic trailer. The game appears to be on the 2nd of October for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and Windows, for 40. The pc version will be available to purchase on Origin, Steam, and in the Epic Games Store. There is crossplay support between all of the versions in between them.

The pc and PS4 versions of the Star Wars: the Squadrons are also to be played with vr-glasses. In the pc version, there is also support for the joystick and hotas set ups. Or that there even is a console, it is not yet known. Motive Studios, the developer of the game says more about the others. The game is being developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm and published by EA.


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