News The dollar is dropping dramatically in Egypt

The dollar is dropping dramatically in Egypt


The dollar is dropping dramatically in Egypt


The dollar in Egypt

Today, Monday, dollar prices continue to decline against the Egyptian pound, according to the latest updates of a number of different banks, led by the National Bank of Egypt.

The dollar fell in the National Bank of Egypt to record 15.88 pounds for purchase, and 15.98 pounds for sale, compared to yesterday’s price of 15.92 pounds for purchase, and 16.02 pounds for sale, a decrease of 4 piasters.

The dollar in the Suez Canal Bank recorded 15.88 pounds for purchase and 15.98 pounds for sale, while the green currency at the Commercial International Bank recorded 15.87 pounds for purchase and 15.97 pounds for sale.

Source: Al-Ahram + the seventh day


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