The DKI Omicron Case is Getting Terrifying, Here’s the Evidence!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Covid-19 Handling Task Force again reported an additional 518 cases as of Friday (7/1/2022). Now, the total number of confirmed positive cases of Covid-19 has reached 4,265,187 people.

DKI Jakarta itself recorded the most additional cases, reaching 300 people, higher than the previous day’s 267 cases. In the second position, Riau Islands reached 60 cases and West Java 36 cases.

The increase in cases in the country cannot be separated from the increase in cases of the new variant of the Covid-19 omicron, not least in the capital city area. Omicron cases in DKI Jakarta have now reached 311 cases.

Head of the Disease Prevention and Control Division of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Dwi Oktavia, in his official statement, stated that 87.1% of the cases of Omicron DKI were imported cases.

“87.1% or as many as 271 people are foreign travelers, while the other 40 are local transmissions,” the statement said, quoted on Saturday (8/1/2022).

Data from the DKI Jakarta Health Office shows that there are 224 additional active cases, bringing the total active cases to 1,394 cases who are undergoing treatment or isolation.

From this data, Dwi confirmed that 1,082 of the total active cases were foreign travellers. The new positive cases based on the results of the PCR test as of yesterday increased by 300 people.

“So there are a total of 866,631 cases, of which 230 are foreign travelers,” said Dwi.

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