Health The deterioration of the health status please are due...

The deterioration of the health status please are due to another disease


Denied Dr. Hossam Hosni, chairman of the scientific committee to combat MERS-CoV The Ministry of Health and population, the access of the artist Please see, Infected with a novel coronavirus, for treating the blood plasma sober living three times, stressing that dealing with the “Gay” be likewise dealing with any other patient..
Added during intervention telephone program “attended the citizen”, which offers the public information, Mr. Ali, and displays across the screen of the channel “the introduction of today’s” space, that the artist did not get Treatment plasma blood Only once, indicating that they improved when they received treatment in plasma of blood.

I conclude by Hossam Hosni, to being infected with another led to the situation has not improved during the recent period, adding: “We wish him healing and if we don’t succeed it is the will of our Lord, the situation’s not good, but when Hope”.


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