The defender Zdeno Chára beat his opponent hard, then showed a gesture of fair play

44-year-old ageless defender Zdeno Chara drew considerable attention to himself again. In the duel against the Flyers, the Slovak decided to defend his teammate, so he started a fight with Zack MacEwen. Chara clearly won the battle and then showed a sporty gesture.

Philadelphia striker Zack MacEwen made a hard attack on Scott Mayfield in the aforementioned duel against the Islanders, but at the time, the 25-year-old Canadian hockey player probably didn’t know he had the Slovak giant Zden Char.

He decided to teach MacEwen a teacher and challenged him to a battle. The fight was short-lived, as Chara was clearly on top and soon got his opponents on his knees, plus he dealt him a few hard blows.

Subsequently, however, he asked the Flyers forward if he was okay. Do you see him asking if he’s okay? It’s an incredible sporting gesture from the next Hall of Famer, “ overseas commentators melted away.

Zdeno Chára could also celebrate the Islanders’ win 4: 3 after separate raids. Wahlstrom decided their victory in the ninth series.


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