The defendant tried to blame the violent death of the mother on a grandson of her

Image of the room where the trial is held with a Jury Court.
Andres Gutierrez

The accused of murdering his mother in a house in Los Llanos de Aridane in February 2019, Germán Ortega, tried to blame the violent death on a nephew of his, Joel García Ortega, a grandson of the victim. This was recognized by an agent of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard during his statement in the second session of the trial with a Jury Court that is held in Section II of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife throughout this week.

The Armed Institute agent explained that the son of the victim committed a series of lies during his first statement. According to what emerged in the first hearing session, the young man whom the defendant wanted to point out as responsible for the death was not well accepted by Germán Ortega, since he suspected that Joel was going to be the heir to his mother’s home.

Another of the falsehoods exposed to the Civil Guard investigators was that his mother squandered the money she obtained from two pensions. Specifically, he explained to the agents that he sometimes had to go to Caritas to ask for food, since his mother, Eduvigis Patricia Pais Hernández, spent what she received to pay various loans and the mortgage.

He told the civil guards that he got along well with the woman, something that other relatives denied.

The officials of the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Los Llanos de Aridane were also struck by the contradiction between the explanations given by the victim’s son about his relationship with her and the version given by the woman’s sister deceased or her grandson, for example. Germán Ortega indicated that his treatment with his mother was good, while the other two relatives of Eduvigis exposed the opposite to the agents.

At the time of taking a statement, the now accused explained that he was a hashish user and that in the past he had also been a heroin user.

Blood in numerous places

To questions from the delegate prosecutor for Gender Violence, José Luis Sánchez-Jáuregui, another of the agents stated that in the visual inspection carried out in the house where Germán and Eduvigis lived, there were drops of blood almost in all the rooms and furniture, as well as in the clothes and slippers of the investigated. In addition, these biological remains occurred on different dates, since in some cases it was easier to collect them and in others it was necessary to use more serum to apply the swab.

In addition, the Armed Institute investigators detected that the implicated allegedly used a mop to clean part of these blood remains. Some of the drops reached the walls or furniture by projection (for example, the rest reaching the wall after a movement of the body part or bloody weapon) and by dripping (the fall of blood in a vertical line).

The agents found traces of blood on the walls, inside a door, in his tennis shoes, around the sink, on the sofa in the living room and on the bedding that was on the previous one, on his clothes, in a closet, in a telephone or on a crutch, among other things, as explained by one of the agents who carried out the visual inspection and the collection of the aforementioned samples.

Do not worry

One of the first civil guards who arrived at the scene of the murder explained that the son was in the house and that there were no windows or forced doors. At that time, Germán Ortega was calm. Another member of the Citizen Security service of La Benemérita explained that the individual was denounced on several occasions by the victim for mistreatment, for which reason more than one restraining order was issued to protect his mother.

One of the commanders of the Civil Guard Crimes Against Persons Team pointed out that the containers near the house are always checked in case there are elements of interest for the investigation in them. In this case, about 20 meters from the house of the victim, several objects belonging to the parties were found, such as a pillow, sweatpants, a syringe and a cable, similar to another that was in the home.

He moved the corpse from the place where the murder occurred

The accused of torturing to death his mother, to whom he was completely subjected, in Los Llanos de Aridane (La Palma), did not ask for any medication to alleviate the withdrawal syndrome while he was detained, according to a civil guard who testified yesterday. One of the agents of the Criminalistics Laboratory of the Armed Institute who participated in the inspection of the victim’s home indicated that he deduced, from the composition of the crime scene, that the victim’s body was dragged to a different place than the one where it occurred. his death. In the house the Civil Guard also found bedding impregnated with blood that had been placed in a bathtub with water; and a piece of wire compatible with a mark on the victim’s neck and identical to that found in a nearby garbage container. According to the prosecution’s qualification letter, as of 2013 the defendant subjected his mother to continuous physical and psychological aggression, since he beat her, yelled at her and prevented her from interacting with family members and other people and took her money. This situation led to the woman filing complaints that she later withdrew and went to live with a grandson due to the situation she was experiencing, but returned to the family home in October 2018. Then the conflictive situation resumed, which degenerated at the beginning of the 2019, until the accused subjected her “to a continuous and constant aggression, hitting her all over her body, denying her food, causing bruises on her head, face, right thoracic flank and extremities and causing erythema in her mouth when squeezed strongly.” | Efe


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