The Dangers of Consuming Stomach Acid Drugs in Pharmacies and Side Effects, Be Careful

RINGTIMES SITUBONDO – Who would have thought, apparently consuming drug stomach acid in the pharmacy or shop drug closest can cause danger.

Until, before drinking drug stomach acidit would be nice to know the subject first side effects which it causes.

Especially side effects This can endanger the patient’s health condition stomach acid if too much is detected.

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Ironically, danger drug stomach acid not much is known.

Some people only care that drug has cured the stomach or stomach acid painful relapse.

In fact, the use of drug stomach can cause dangerranging from mild to quite severe.

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Quoted by RINGTIMES SITUBONDO from the RINGTIMES BANYUWANGI news entitled The Dangers of Consuming Stomach Acid Drugs, Can Cause Infection and Inflammation of the Intestinesregarding danger consumption drug stomach acid.

People who consume drug stomach acid own side effects in the form of a higher risk of bacterial infection which can cause disease like diarrhea.

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