The Czech national team is without a coach! The squinting team will lead in the distance


He celebrated his 60th birthday last week, but his anniversary is ruined. When leading the team, he will again only rely on the phone.

“It is necessary to emphasize that coach Jaroslav Šilhavý has not met any other member of the national team in the last twelve days. To prevent any speculation, we must also add that he is vaccinated. Unfortunately, despite all the measures, infection cannot be completely avoided nowadays. Jarda will communicate intensively with the rest of the coaching staff at a distance, “says Libor Sionko, the national team manager.

The team in the next two matches will be led by Šilhavý’s assistant Jiří Chytrý, who already experienced this role last year in the League of Nations match in Scotland. The management of the Football Association of the Czech Republic and the national team agreed on this.

Patrik Schick is missing in the nomination of the national football team. Krmenčík may be additionally called up, FAČR

“It is a complication for us, of course, but we were also prepared for this variant. We tried it last year in Scotland, we will be in frequent contact with Jarda and we will discuss everything. I believe that we will manage both matches successfully, “advises Chytrý.

The first training will take place on Monday in Prague, where the national team will start preparing for both matches. The national team will go to Olomouc on Wednesday.


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