The CTU found another ten cases of interference with television reception by the LTE signal

The Czech Telecommunication Office found other locations where the base station of the mobile operator interrupted terrestrial television broadcasting. He informed about it in his January monitoring report, which describes the survey for the month of December 2021. A total of ten cases were identified, one related to the test operation of the LTE base station in the 800 MHz band. For the remaining nine complaints, a 5G / LTE base station in the 700 MHz band was identified as the source of the interference.

According to the official database, the interference occurred in December, for example in Čelákovice (T-Mobile 5G), Brno (T-Mobile 5G) and Prague (O2 LTE).

In December, the Office closed a total of 91 cases of television interference. As usual, the most common cause was a technical glitch on the part of the viewer, usually an unsatisfactory receiving antenna. Thus, 61 complaints were closed. In 13 cases the disturbance stopped or appeared only sporadically. Other reports were canceled by the complainants during the investigation.

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