News The cry of alarm of the music sector

The cry of alarm of the music sector


The loss of revenue in the music sector as a whole are estimated at 4.5 billion euros, according to a study by audit firm EY, to be made public by the association, All for the music (TPLM).

The activities most affected are those of the show music current and varieties, losses, representing 83 % of their sales estimate in 2020, or € 2.3 billion. With more than 4,300 cancellations, classical music, and creation is also strongly affected.

“P for a good part of the sector, remains closed, reminds the director-general of Sacem, Jean-Noël Tronc, a two-day music festival. If the public authorities do not respond present, it will be the defeat of the music. This is not a recovery plan that is needed in the sector but of a reconstruction plan, because we are talking about destruction of values irreparable. “

The judgment of the concerts, which is added to an industry that will definitely slow throughout the year will greatly gréver the income of authors, composers and publishers of music.

The study about $ 250 million shortfall for copyright music. As for the performers, they are expected to lose more than $ 46 million of revenues, excluding losses related to the cancellation of the shows.

The crisis will have “a social impact with a high risk on the job (257 000 in the music sector) bringing to light the major defects of the professions “insists TPLM.

On the side of the festivals, there is alarm also, as Ben Barbaud, head of the Hellfest : “The State has made great efforts, highly appreciated for intermittent. But we are still waiting for a recovery plan for those who are working, the enterprises of the show, because if the producers put the key under the door… “

The music sector waits for more clarity and anticipation in the conditions for the reopening of the theatres and authorization of the festivals.

“At the level of social support, and tax, it is necessary to extend for eighteen months until the end of 2021, the device activity partial for the companies to show “, said Jean-Noël Tronc.



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