The Covid-19 Pandemic has a Negative Impact on Children’s Eye Health – An ophthalmologist from Siloam Hospitals Bali Dr dr Ariesanti Tri Handayani SpM(K) said the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on children’s eye health due to the high intensity of device use.

“Children and adults who often use gadgets are prone to eye fatigue and if left unchecked, it can cause health problems,” said Ariesanti in a written statement on the website. Jakarta, Friday (31/12).

Research studies in China state that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased cases of minus eye disorders, even in children, namely during 2020 children aged 6 to 8 years were three times more prone to myopia than before the pandemic.

He explained that myopia occurs because the light that enters the eye falls in front of the retina of the eye. This is triggered by an increase in the length of the eyeball or the ability of the eye to focus light so that distant objects appear blurry.

“There is an impact on the eyes, which is divided into two, tired eyes or dry eyes caused by Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), and accommodation due to long-term conditions caused by a progressive increase in the size of the refraction (myopia),” he said.

CVS is a problem in the eye and vision organs that are complex in nature and are also related to eye function in close activities related to computers. As for the risk factors for CVS, refractive errors (minus, plus, cylinder) were not corrected.

“Including the presence of diseases in the body such as diabetes mellitus, allergies, autoimmune, and others. As for the use of drugs that trigger dry eye disease, for example, anti-glaucoma drugs, hypertension drugs, and anti-inflammatory drugs. depression, both old age also affects the disease of the eyes and systemic, “he explained.

To prevent CVS, it is better to check the condition of the eyes before using the computer, make sure there is enough lighting with an ergonomic sitting position, and minimize the use of light on the device.

“The ideal distance for the eye in the use of a gadget is around 30 cm, and for a computer it is about 60 cm, and for a television it is about 10 feet or approximately 3 meters. Then get into the habit of looking at a distance of about 20 feet for 20 seconds after seeing a maximum distance of up to 20 minutes,” explained Ariesanti.

To avoid increasing myopia is to reduce close activities as often as possible, increase outdoor activities, check the child’s eyes before school age if parents wear glasses. As well as regular eyeglass control every six months or a maximum of once a year. [ded]


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