The color professor Chorbanov – Djokovic of the parliament, but she is not world famous

TOWho is the MP who is going to become a Djokovic in the Bulgarian parliament – to try to invade it without a certificate, just as Nole tried to enter Australia and was locked up in a hotel at the airport on the fifth day?

Already at the end of March last year – on the eve of the first (regular) parliamentary elections for 2021, the current health guru of the ITN group Andrei Chorbanov set fire to social networks.

Against the background of the almost absent election battle, political passions then erupted in an unexpected direction – a funny and sad, even insane war on Facebook and sites “for” and “against” the professor of immunology. A sign that both then and now society is hysterically divided “for” and “against” vaccines, masks, certificates and in general its attitude to COVID. With the active participation of his politicians.

It was in the early spring of last year that Prof. Chorbanov stepped up for politics, and just then the news broke that he seemed to be seriously ill with the virus. She went through all sorts of nuances and fakes – from a simple cold after skiing to entering the intensive care unit of the 54-year-old professor, a constant enemy of lockdown and the way the authorities are trying to manage the health crisis. The drama then was that the immunologist was just trumpeting how he had already taken COVID and would never be immunized because he had developed iron immunity. And getting infected again so soon is unusual, so he was suspected of lying.

In the end, Chorbanov recovered, then with his anti-vaccination campaigns he became an excellent candidate in Veliko Tarnovo, where he was first elected MP in April, and then twice more in July and November.

Eloquent, artistic, colorful in expression and vision (imposed bright plaid suits as a personal style in parliament), Chorbanov continues to win equally fans and opponents.

He is accused of abandoning his scientific knowledge and spreading lies and fraud because of his political career. At the same time, he has been working for the second year on the creation of a Bulgarian vaccine as director of the Institute of Immunology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Nothing that he doubts about the world’s vaccines and that he is the author of catchphrases like Omicron gases vaccinated like wild boar alfalfa (last Friday) or Getting sick to get vaccinated is like punching 2 bus tickets (last year). He even dropped the “bomb” that some of the mutations in the virus were due to immunization, so many people became ill, which eventually won the wrath of medics.

So far, all that is known is that the Bulgarian vaccine has been tested with mice, it is innovative, theoretically it can be made in the form of a nasal spray and … it will probably not be tested with patients at all. She “debuted” in a report presented by Chorbanov at the World Congress on Vaccines last year. The French Pasteur Institute was initially a partner in the project, but then gave up trying to produce a vaccine altogether and withdrew funding. The scientist accused the Bulgarian state of not being sympathetic, although some funds were set aside. But in any case, it is clear that our political Djokovic will not bring the world fame of the tennis star closer in his field.

While waiting to make his discovery, Chorbanov explains that he would get the Bulgarian vaccine, but he does not have to, because he has immunity. He also has a certificate, but refuses to use it.

He says he sees no contradiction in this and does not hesitate to vaccinate people, just his job is “to tell the facts as they are.”


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