The city vibrates quieter now

Although the entry ban has been lifted and Christmas shopping is tempting, New York is slowing down. But in the end, the city always shows its capitalist heart.

The lack of hustle and bustle in New York is scary at first, as if you were stranded.

Justin Lane / EPA

The stand with the inscription “Free testing” is just the right thing to do this evening. Shortly before we found out that a negative PCR test is required for the return journey to Switzerland. The city of New York also offers the free tests to tourists, assure the two employees of the “Covid test center”. This is on Union Square between 14th and 18th Streets, where old black men play chess in the park and organic Christmas trees are sold for $100. While passers-by scurry past us like shadows and disappear into the subway entrance, we spit into the tube in the dark.

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