The City Council activates a special device to cover the Candelaria and Virgen de los Reyes exits

The Seville City Council, through the Government Office and Major Festivities, activates this Sunday, December 5 and next Tuesday, December 7, a large special service device and municipal companies in order to cover the extraordinary processions of the Brotherhood of Candelaria and the Virgin of the Kings.

In addition to the Local Police, Firefighters, Civil Protection, Cecop, National Police and EPES 061, this special device – coordinated with the Hermandad de la Candelaria, the Archdiocese, the Government Subdelegation and the regional administration – is made up of different areas, services and municipal companies such as Government, Major Festivities, Mobility, Tussam, Lipasam, Parks and Gardens, Urban Planning and Public Lighting.

Thus, the device of this Sunday is activated from hours before the departure of the Virgen de la Candelaria, which will procession in its passage of pallium on the occasion of the commemoration of the first centenary of the foundation of the brotherhood. The departure of the procession that accompanies the Virgin is scheduled at 3:00 p.m. from the Church of San Nicolás with the following route: San José, Santa María La Blanca, Cano y Cueto, Paseo Catalina de Ribera, San Fernando, San Gregorio , Plaza de la Contratación, Miguel de Mañara, Plaza del Triunfo, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, Cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo, Germans, Hernando Colón, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza Nueva (City Hall platform), Granada, Francisco Bruna, Entrecárceles, Álvarez Quintero, Villegas, Cuesta del Rosario, Ángel María Camacho, Plaza de la Alfalfa, Alfalfa, Candilejo, Head of King Don Pedro, Muñoz y Pabón, Plaza Ramón Ybarra and Church of San Nicolás. The entrance to the canopy pass is scheduled around 11:30 p.m.

Likewise, the device will be activated again next Tuesday from the hour before the departure of the Virgen de los Reyes, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his canonical patronage over Seville and the Archdiocese. The departure of the procession is scheduled at 4.15 p.m. from the Cathedral, doing it through the Puerta de San Miguel to continue along the Avenida de la Constitución, City Hall, Granada, Plaza de San Francisco, Hernando Colón, Alemanes, Plaza Virgen de los Reyes and Entrance back to the Cathedral through the Puerta de Palos at around 7.30 pm. Subsequently, a religious ceremony will be held in the Cathedral, which is why the device will remain active in this area until its completion. As usual, the Municipal Symphonic Band of Seville will be part of the procession, playing this time behind the Virgen de los Reyes pass.

The delegate of the Interior and Major Festivities, Juan Carlos Cabrera, has highlighted “the coordination of all municipal areas and services, as well as with the rest of the administrations, will once again be an example of the management of large events in our city, taking into account, in addition, that both departures will take place throughout of the festive bridge in which a significant influx of visitors to the historic center is expected “. In this sense, Cabrera has called for prudence so that “we maintain responsibility and continue to use prevention measures against Covid with the use of masks at all times to attend both processions.”

During both transfers, the Local police It will gradually establish traffic control points along the planned itineraries depending on the areas through which the processions will run on both days, although the established routes do not affect large roads in the city. In any case, traffic cuts They will be carried out taking into account the progress of the processions and also the influx of the public. Once the processions have passed and after the intervention of the cleaning teams, circulation will be restored normally.

Both cleaning and public transport, are reinforced in the face of these events. The Special Mobility Plan for the Christmas holidays of 2021-2022, which was activated in its first phase yesterday, includes a reinforcement of Tussam also taking into account the celebration of these events with an increase in the number of buses in service on the lines that access points of interest to better serve the largest number of trips during weekends and holidays. This reinforcement began on November 26 and will continue during the bridge and throughout the Christmas period.

The municipal cleaning company, Lipasam, will launch an operation that has 18 workers and 10 machines in total between both days, including in the night shift a special device that will act exclusively to remove wax from public roads. Both operatives will intervene in the two tours and in their areas of influence before and after the processions pass.

This special device of municipal services and companies has been working for weeks before these extraordinary processions with a special plan of actions to review all the planned routes.


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