The chief of the Third Regional Police Department in Plovdiv and the other detained police officers remain in custody

The Chief of the Third Police Department in Plovdiv Samuil Hadjiev and his close policeman Atanas Kachakov together with two other civilians remain in custody. This was decided by the District Court after a record session lasting more than 8 hours on remand measures, BNT reported.

We remind you that only two of the seven police officers detained in the large-scale operation of Internal Security in Plovdiv received charges.


An action against corrupt police officers is taking place in Plovdiv

15 people were detained, including the chief of the 3rd police station

Because of the SRS used in the investigation the court sits behind closed doors.

Two prosecutors and seven lawyers for the four defendants pleaded for hours, and after the court ruling, defense attorneys announced they would appeal on May 27.


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