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In addition to the service “Facebook Pay”, launched recently to enable users and brazilian companies to pay and transfer money via WhatsApp, Facebook is still innovating.

A new beta version of Whatsapp has just been launched on iOS and Android and allows you to see the some changes to expect for the platform. These new features will facilitate its use to suit a maximum number of users. No official release date has not been communicated, but this first version indicates that these changes may occur quickly.

Search by date

It is possible to search for a message in a conversation with one or more keywords. This feature, in practice, will soon be improved. It will then be possible to search for a message by its date of shipment. A calendar icon will appear and by pressing the search bar. Simply select the date you want to see all of the messages exchanged on this day.

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Still more concurrent connections

Today it is possible to log on to a smartphone and a computer. It will soon be possible, according to this new version to connect up to four devices simultaneously. Admittedly, few users have to resort to four smartphones, but in a professional setting, this could prove to be very useful.

The deletion of messages improved

It is possible to delete one or more messages from a conversation. Note that when sending a message, it is possible to indicate its importance, which will add a little star in the bottom right. When you want to delete all messages from a conversation, you now have the choice to delete the messages without stars or all without distinction.

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It should be noted that a mode dark is available on the application since the 3rd of march 2020. To enable it on iPhone, just go into the Settings, then Brightness and Display. Finally, enable the mode to dark and the application will follow.

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