The bride, advances third and last episode of January 30: the season finale

The previews of the third and final episode of the Rai1 fiction “La sposa”, broadcast on Sunday 30 January, starring Serena Rossi and Giorgio Marchesi.

Sunday January 16 on Rai1 a new fiction has started on Rai1, which will now come to an end. This is de The bride, with protagonists Serena Rossi e Giorgio Marchesi, directed by the director Giacomo Campiotti. The story is set in the Italy of the 60s, between Calabria and Veneto, and tells of Maria a young woman forced to marry by proxy to save her family’s debts. The fiction was a great success and the final appointment is expected Sunday 30 January at 21:30. This article contains important spoilers on the season finale of La Sposa.

La Sposa previews third and last episode Sunday 30 January

But let’s see what is revealed to us by the previews of the third and final episode of La Sposa, which will be broadcast on Sunday 30 January. The previews of the third and last episode tell us that Italo and Maria return to find a balance after a bit of complications. Yet, the twists are not lacking. Paolino will secretly go into the courtyard, intrigued by a silhouette, when the child arrives in the courtyard, a fire breaks out that endangers his life. When Italo sees his son in danger, he steps in to save him from the flames. Unfortunately, however, Italo dies to save his son, leaving an unbridgeable void in Maria’s heart.

Maria pregnant and widow, forced to leave Paolino

Maria is pregnant and a widow. The problems are not lacking, so she is forced to entrust little Paolino to Nunzia because she has to concentrate on a hospitalization that unfortunately will last longer than expected. A hard blow for Maria who, when she leaves the hospital, discovers that Paolino has been entrusted to an institute at the behest of Antonio. At this point, the woman will fight for Paolino’s freedom. In the end, having become the mother of little Vittoria, Maria will also decide to realize the dream of Italo and Vittorio, to found the first cooperative run entirely by women.

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