The BOR of a number of Tangerang City Hospitals Continues to Drop

The BOR of a number of hospitals in Tangerang City continued to fall, from 73 percent to 68 percent.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TANGERANG — Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR) of hospitals in Tangerang City, Banten, fell again to 68 percent from 73 percent the day before after the recovery rate of COVID-19 patients continued to increase every day. Tangerang Mayor Arief R Wismansyah in Tangerang, Thursday (29/7), said the condition of Tangerang City gradually improved during the implementation of PPKM as evidenced by the decrease in BOR hospital.

“Initially, cases reached more than 90 percent, then during PPKM it fell to 80 percent, now it is 68 percent. This is because the high recovery rate reached 518 people,” he said.

However, the Mayor still reminded the public to remain disciplined and apply health protocols during activities and comply with PPKM rules. Currently, Tangerang City is still implementing PPKM level 4 so that residents must comply with existing rules and do not violate the provisions because they will be subject to administrative and material sanctions.

“Continue to apply prokes and discipline. We must together reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by caring for each other. Don’t let it increase again,” he said.

The Head of the Tangerang City Health Office, Dr. Liza Puspadewi, revealed that the recovery rate for people who carried out self-isolation at home reached 98 percent. Based on the SiLacak and Sirona applications, the recovery rate for people with OTG or isoman at home reaches 98 percent, according to the Ministry of Health’s technical guidelines, which have been in self-isolation for more than 10 days.

Meanwhile, only one to two percent of those who move from OTG or mild to severe and critical conditions. He said many OTG patients in Tangerang City chose to self-isolate in their respective homes.

According to him, currently he has received supervision and medicine from the Puskesmas, monitored in the Silacak application and received social assistance in the form of basic necessities to daily cooked food from the Tangerang City Government. According to the Ministry of Health, 90 percent of patients in hospitals have not been vaccinated. The number of patients who are isoman in Tangerang City is due to their mild condition or OTG, because indeed, quite a lot of Tangerang City people have been vaccinated.

“I emphasize, the vaccine does not promise not to be exposed to COVID-19, but promises a milder effect of COVID-19. This is also evident in the current condition of COVID-19 patients in Tangerang City,” he said.

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