The Best Diet for the Brain According to Research

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Recent studies found diet Best for brain health. This diet includes a person’s daily diet.

The study, published in the British Journal of Noutrition, analyzed more than 900 adults who experienced cognitive decline or brain function. The study was conducted for about 3 years.

Researchers assessed the eating patterns of each person. Researchers then compared it with cognitive health related to memory, language, and visuals.

As a result, researchers found that people who followed the principles of the Mediterranean diet experienced a much slower decline in cognitive function. Researchers also concluded that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet for the brain.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet adapted from the diet of people living in the Mediterranean region. This diet emphasizes the consumption of lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and olive oil. Protein is obtained from fish, poultry, low-fat milk, and a small amount of meat.

Researchers found that people who adhered to the Mediterranean diet were associated with a slower decline in cognitive function of up to 7 percent.

In addition, each additional vegetable consumption per day was associated with a slower 2.3 percent annual decline.

“Our results provide support for the idea that the Mediterranean diet may have a protective role against a whole continuum of cognitive decline, starting with the first subjective complaint,” the authors wrote. Cambridge University Press.

These findings are also supported by a number of other studies that call the Mediterranean diet good for health. Quoted from Eat This, previous studies have shown a Mediterranean diet is associated with better thinking skills. Another study also found a Mediterranean diet can make the brain six years younger.


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