News The best baguette in the Seine-Saint-Denis in Montreuil

The best baguette in the Seine-Saint-Denis in Montreuil


It has long dreamed of this title of number 1. Jean-Maurice Lemoine, age 37, a baker and a patron of the Spike of gold — recently renamed Bakery J-M Lemoine, and located at 2, rue de la République — is often “came second” in the contest for the best baguette de tradition française de la Seine-Saint-Denis, awarded by the Friendly bakers in the department.

Here, since a few days, finally at the top of the podium, with the cup positioned behind the cashier. A “pride” for him and his mother, Huguette, who opened the trade in 1999.

Tray scientific

His secret? “The local flour, which comes from the mill of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine), and in which the wheat is harvested in the Ile-de-France “. But also ” all the small parameters of the manufacturing process “.

The one who has obtained a bachelor of science before they learn the business is developing : “You have to leave 15 hours of fermentation a minimum in order that the yeast baking to be nourished properly from the gluten of the dough, and therefore, releasing of carbon dioxide, the properly inflate, giving him the good aromas. Putting it in the oven, coupled with the right amount of moisture, causes a chemical reaction, called the Maillard reaction. It corresponds to the action of sugars on proteins. If it is successful, then the baguette is good. “

Everything is made in-house

A recipe that is a hit. “The wand is excellent, crispy on the outside, with a crumb plush “, points out Camille, who is a regular customer.

Notice “very important” to the business, “hiring more than 10 employees, including 5 employees in manufacturing, with two apprentices,” and that ensures ” that all the pastries and cakes are home-made, while more than 90 % of bakeries are frozen. “


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