The Beautiful Eyes of Superpowerful Exotic Animals with Tiny Bodies

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Peacock mantis prawn eyes. you see the world in a certain way, it’s easy to forget that not everyone has the same vision.

Humans really take everything literally. In addition to philosophical considerations about the subjective experience of color, different organisms have evolved to perceive the world differently, with structures and configurations eye optimized for different types of existence.

Something’s clear, of course: herbivores’ horizontal pupils give them a panoramic view of their surroundings, which helps both to spot predators coming, and to avoid obstacles when animal escape. Meanwhile, nocturnal predators have vertical pupils to maximize their night vision.

But the type eye others out there in a majestic, vast, and diverse world see in ways we might not even imagine. Here are some eye weirdest in the world animal.


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Squid eyes

Squid eyes

There is no animal others that have squid -like pupils. Its shape is like the letter W, a property that has been determined by biologists helps animal balance the uneven vertical light fields, which are common in the depths of the water they inhabit. But that’s just the beginning.

Cuttlefish have only one type of photoreceptor, meaning they can only see in monochrome. But the oddly wide pupils of cuttlefish and other squid can facilitate an entirely different way of seeing color – by using the way light passing through a prism splits into a rainbow.

Known as chromatic aberration, this can be a problem when the lens is eye we ourselves fail to focus colors on the same point, turning sharp color contrasts into softer washes of color. Cuttlefish may have turned this problem into a solution.


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