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The beaches of Malaga will open from sunrise to sunset | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Malaga


The beaches of the city of Malaga will open this summer from sunrise to sunset. It is the intention of the consistory, according to the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, in an interview with Cadena SER. “As long as there is light,” said the councilor when asked about the hours of access to the beaches. The intention is to avoid the concentration of citizens and that the time range to attend is as large as possible.

The city council is working on the implementation of a mobile application as well as cameras to report on the situation of the capacity on the beaches. De la Torre also encourages citizens to report in their municipal application on when and where they will go. With these wicker the city prepares for the reopening to the bath of its beaches, which will be allowed from the entry into Phase 2 of the de-escalation, which could occur this Monday.

In addition, the capacity of the beaches of Malaga could be reduced by half by the application of sanitary recommendations in order to maintain the personal distances necessary to avoid Covid-19 infections.

Of the beach employment plan announced by the Board with 3,000 hired, there are still no concrete figures on the staff to be assigned to each municipality: “one person every 200 or 300 meters,” said de la Torre based on the information provided by the Board.

If it is Monday, Malaga goes to phase 2 of the lack of confinement, bathing in the sea and sunbathing will be allowed, although the municipal services of beaches, as usual, will start operating on June 15, according to this municipal area.


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