THE BALL – Rafa Benítez reacts to the dismissal (Everton)

Everton’s 1-2 defeat at Norwich on Saturday precipitated the departure of Rafa Benítez as Everton manager.

The coach has already reacted to the dismissal through a statement issued on his social networks, in which he revealed the “lack of patience” that is experienced in football.

“Thank you to everyone who supported us from the beginning. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and that it was a big challenge, both emotionally and sportingly. My love for this city, Merseyside and its people made me accept this challenge, but it is only when you are inside that you realize the magnitude of the task. From day one, my staff and I worked as we always do, with total commitment and dedication, not only did we have to get results, but we also had to win people’s hearts. However, the financial situation and then the injuries that followed made things even more difficult. I am convinced that we would have been better once the injured players had returned and with the arrival of new signings. The path to success is not easy and unfortunately nowadays in football there is a demand for immediate results and there is always less and less patience. Unfortunately circumstances determined the results and it will not be possible to continue this project. In any case, thanks to the Management, to the staff, to the players and fans who supported us during this time. My best wishes to Everton,” he wrote.


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