THE BALL – Pioli and Leão’s smile: «It worried me a little, but then I realized that it is beautiful to be who you are» (Milan)

Milan welcomes Juventus this Sunday and will have to win to not let Inter, with whom they are in the fight for Serie A, escape.

Stefano Pioli, 56, is the man ahead of the good moment at Milan, and in an interview with The Guardian, says that there is no one closer than his own mother to remind him that Milan are close, as they haven’t been for a long time, to having a party.

The coach admits to having an almost parental close relationship with several players, having to manage youngsters like Tonali, Vlahovic (from Fiorentina) or Rafael Leão. “Yes, I try to see beyond the surface. Go from value and get to the person. Even these boys, whom we call lucky to earn a lot of money, are still young people with difficulties, emotional ties, worries», he explains.

And speaking of joy, the Italian coach laughs and has a maximum example: Leão. Pioli is described as a player who even smiles when he goes up to an opponent. “At first it worried me a little. Then I realized that this was something natural that happened while playing, it’s an involuntary gesture of your face. And that’s beautiful, it’s beautiful to be yourself», he explains.

“Fun in football is essential. It’s something we’re looking for. We try to be as serious as possible, committed and professional, but football is passion, pleasure. When you train very young, you need them to put all their enthusiasm on the pitch», he adds.

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