THE BALL – Paulo Bernardo with new position to have more minutes (Benfica)

Paulo Bernardo’s placement on the left side of the red midfield in the game with Paços de Ferreira – he came on in the 73rd minute for Everton – and the freedom with which he moved in interior areas without the team dismantling the 4x4x2 recovered by Nélson Veríssimo can indicate that the successor of Jorge Jesus in the technical command of the eagles is drawing up a plan that will allow more playing time for the 19-year-old midfielder, without undoing the Weigl/João Mário duo at the core of the team.

The clues left by Veríssimo in the previous round point to Rafa and Diogo Gonçalves as the main solutions for the right side of the midfield quartet and, now, for the youngster trained at Seixal as an alternative to Everton on the opposite side – besides, of course, keeping the competition to the German and the Portuguese international, in a fight in which Taarabt has also entered, substitute used by Nélson Veríssimo in the two days already accomplished.

It is still necessary to understand how other cards in the deck can fit together, such as Meité and Gil Dias, but the return to 4x4x2 seems to make everything clearer and simpler in terms of the roles of each one in the team compared to 3x4x3/3x5x2 and the adaptations that they saw in him.


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