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THE BALL – Luís Gestas criticizes Frederico Varandas (Sporting)


Luís Gestas commented this Friday on Facebook about the return of Frederico Varandas to medicine. The former Sporting director left harsh criticism in a publication that shows an image of the decree that leads the military in the reserve to be called to active duty in a State of Emergency.

Read the full publication:

«Sincerity and honesty are the keys to success. If you can fake them, you’re guaranteed ”.

That said Groucho Marx and that did Frederico Varandas.

To deceive people by giving them the image that they will voluntarily help the country in this moment of public calamity, when in reality it was compelled by the declaration of the State of Emergency, is a shameful intellectual dishonesty for the time we live in.

Wanting to seize the moment is at the very least regrettable and a lack of respect for human values ​​and for the true heroes who never saw their face.
Frederico Varandas is a “volunteer by force” in compliance with article 33 of Organic Law 1B / 2009, which suspends his license and forces him to return to work.

To create a hero it is not enough to put on a cape »




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