THE BALL – Aboubakar scores again in Cameroon’s draw with Cape Verde (CAN)

Cape Verde and Cameroon drew 1-1 in the 3rd and final round of Group A of the CAN, in a game held in the capital Yaoundé.

The Cameroonians took the lead through the inevitable Aboubakar, in the 39th minute: free kick in the middle of the opponent’s midfield, ball raised to the area, relief from a defender for the shooting range and the former FC Porto forward, without asking leave, shooting with his left foot towards the back of the goal. The now Al-Nassr (Saudi Arabia) player scored his fifth goal in this edition of the competition and equaled a record held by his country and the unforgettable Samuel Eto’o, president of the local federation, by scoring in every matchday of the group stage.

The tie came in the second half, at 53 minutes, through Garry Rodrigues. Jamiro Monteiro advanced to the baseline and took a late pass for a monumental goal from Garry Rodrigues: the Olympiacos forward fooled everyone with a superb back-heel finish, signing the Cape Verdeans’ sixth goal in the competition’s history.

In an exciting match, the tie remained until the end, a result that confirms António Conceição’s 1st place. As for Cape Verde, it has four points and, in 3rd place, has good prospects of qualifying for the round of 16.

Watch the game movie:

90+3′ Final whistle! Cape Verde and Cameroon draw to a ball.

Substitution (Cameroon): Make by Mbaizo (87)

Substitution (Cameroon): Oum Gouet, par Jean Onana (87)

Replacement (Cape Verde): Diney Borges por Steven Fortes (82)

Yellow card (Cameroon): Anguissa (81′)

Replacement (Cape Verde): Kenny Rocha by Furtado (78)

Replacement (Cape Verde): Jamiro Monteiro by Nenass (78)

71′ Oum Gouet dominates the ball in his chest and fills his foot, but Vozinha puts his gloves on the ball and cancels the danger

Substitution (Cameroon): Ngamaleu by Choupo-Moting (70)

Substitution (Cameroon): Camp by N’Jie (70)

Replacement (Cape Verde): Willy Semedo by João Paulo (67)

66′: Vozinha moves away to the forbidden zone and Aboubakar creates danger again: the ball, however, goes up too much.

Yellow card (Cape Verde): Diney Borges (65 ‘)

Substitution (Cameroon): Written by Lea Siliki (62)

53′ Jamiro Monteiro advances to the baseline and takes a late pass for a monumental goal from Garry Rodrigues: the Olympiacos forward fools everyone with a superb back-heel finish.

53′ Goal by Cape Verde (1-1): Garry Rodrigues!

46′ Kundé from the middle of the street, above.

46′ Start part two!

Replacement (Cape Verde): Lisandro Semedo by Garry Rodrigues (int.)

45+1′ Interval! Cameroon beat Cape Verde, 1-0, with a goal from the inevitable Aboubakar (39′).

Yellow card (Cameroon): Make (45 + 1 ‘)

44′ Stopira is centimeters away from the tie: bad output by Onana, Cameroon’s goalkeeper, in a cross at the far post and the Cape Verdean defender shooting for goal, with a Moukoudi cut at the right moment, close to the fatal risk, avoiding the goal and giving a corner kick.

39′ Free kick in the middle of Cape Verde’s midfield: ball raised to the area, relief from a defender for the shooting range and Aboubakar, without asking for permission, shooting with his left foot towards the back of the goal.

39′ Cameroon goal (0-1): Aboubakar!

33′ Aboubakar wins in the melee with Borges and, still from a distance, risks the arch kick, close to the grass: Vozinha responds with tight defense for a corner.

10′ A cross from the right and Aboubakar, at first, doesn’t miss the target for long.

8′ Ngadeu appears loose in the opposing area, but cannot give Cameroon an advantage: Vozinha is in the way of the ball.

2′ Moukoudi heads over Cape Verde’s goal following a corner.

1′ Start the game!

Cape Verde (5x4x1): Vozinha; Jeffrey Fortes, Diney Borges, Roberto Lopes, Stopira cap. and Dylan Tavares; Willy Semedo, Patrick Andrade, Jamiro Monteiro and Kénny Rocha; Lisandro Semedo,

Substitutes Cape Verde: Márcio Rosa, Keven Sousa, Delmiro, Steven Fortes, Furtado, Nenass, João Paulo, Ponck, Garry Rodrigues, Marco Soares, Gilson Tavares and Vagner

Cameroon (4x3x3): Onana; Fai, Moukoudi, Ngadeu e Tolo; Kundé, Oum Gouet and Anguissa; Ngamaleu, Aboubakar cap. in Camp

Cameroon Substitutes: Efala, Epassy, ​​Bahoken, Bassogog, Choupo-Moting, Lea Siliki, Mbaizo, Neyou, N’Jie, Jean Onana, Onguene e Oyongo

There are already teams!

Good evening! Cape Verde and Cameroon will face each other this Monday afternoon (4 pm), in a match for the 3rd round of Group A of the CAN, with refereeing by Sadok Selmi (Tunisia): follow the match by the minute!

The Cameroonian team – host of the tournament and coached by Portuguese António Conceição – will enter the pitch of Estádio d’Olembé, in Yaoundé, already with a guaranteed presence in the round of 16, but looking to defend the leadership of the series. As for the Cape Verdean team, a draw opens up good prospects for qualification, at least as one of the best third-placed teams in this group stage, a position it occupies at the moment.

At the beginning of the final round, which also includes a Burkina Faso-Ethiopia – the kick-off, in Bafoussam, is given at the same time -, the classification of Group A is as follows:

1st Cameroon 6 (6-2)
2nd Burkina Faso 3 (2-2)
3rd Cape Verde 3 (1-1)
4. ° Ethiopia 0 (1-5)

At the individual level, there is, among the stars of the two teams, a name that stands out in this edition of the African competition. Aboubakar, former FC Porto forward and current player for Al-Nassr (3rd place in Saudi Arabia’s main league), is the competition’s top scorer, with four goals in two games.


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