News The Army intervenes in the disinfection of 25 nursing...

The Army intervenes in the disinfection of 25 nursing homes | Courts


The Armed Forces have already been deployed more than 2.800 effective in a total of 82 locations across the country in the framework of the ‘operation Balmis’ to combat the expansion of the coronavirus. In a press conference has been Miguel Angel Villarroya, Chief of staff of the Defence, which has announced that “we are making a significant deployment to support nursing homes“that, according to details from Defence is to support the disinfection of residences of a dozen localities.

The support is being conducted in residences of Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, spain, Antequera, Torrent, Benidorm, Burriana, Picanya, Aldaia, Wave, Massamagrell, Torrent, Manises, Tarazona, Lardero, Alcala del Valle, Fuenmayor, Benavente, Toro, Montamarta, Fuentesaúco, in Torrejón de Ardoz and Soto Fresno. In total it has provided this support in 25 residences.

This Saturday, the Official Bulletin of the State publishes in addition to the Order SND/265/2020 ordering separate to the residents of these establishments and health centers in several groups: without symptoms and without close contact with cases of coronavirus; residents without symptoms; in confinement; residents with síntimas and in addition to confirmed cases.

Few days ago the Attorney General of the State ordered all its prosecutors ‘ offices, territorial to investigate the conditions they are found in the elderly people of these homes to “act effectively and homogeneously in the events that affect them and may be the subject of our competencies.

Focus of infection

Nursing homes have become one of the foci of infection of the coronavirus with a large number of dead due to the advanced age and state of health of the person living there. A few days ago, for example, the Community of Madrid confirmed the death of nearly twenty people in the residence Monte Hermoso, situation investigated by the Prosecutor following a complaint to the Patient Advocate.

Two days ago, another center of the higher, the Blessed Virgin and San Celedonio, de Chamartín, reported the death of eleven people and the infection of other thirty and four more. Today in the same news conference has been María José Sierrathe head area of the Centre of Coordination of Alerts and Emergenicas Health (CCAES) who has specified in half of hospitalized patients are older than 70 years.


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